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List of Officers

Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Hiroko Wada

Hiroko Wada

Career summary, position and responsibilities in the Company

Apr. 1977 Joined Procter&Gamble Sun Home Co., Ltd.(currently Procter&Gamble Company of Japan)
Feb. 1995 General Manager responsible for paper products division and new business development of Procter&Gamble Far East Inc.(currently same as above)
Jan. 1998 Vice President, Responsible for Corporate New Venture Asia of US Procter&Gamble
Mar. 2001 Representative Director and President of Dyson KK
Apr. 2004 President and Representative Director, and Cheif Operating Officer of Toys"R"Us-Japan, LTD.
Nov. 2004 Established Office WaDa, Representative (to present)
May 2009 Outside Director of Aderans Holdings Company Limitied(currently Aderans Company Limited)
Mar. 2019 Director,Audit & Supervisory Committee Member of the Company (to present)

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