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QA(Products Safety)

Q1: Please tell me about product safety.

At UniCharm, to ensure your safety when using products that come into direct contact with your skin, we conduct checks based on basic regulations for quality control in all processes, from material procurement, to product development, manufacturing, sales and disposal.

At the material procurement stage, we establish guidelines to prevent contamination by chemical substances which have an impact on human health and the environment, and a specialized department confirms the toxicity and legal compliance of chemical substances. At development of products stage, we establish “gate” operations through safety evaluation committees and engage in risk assessment with consideration to actual use conditions, disposal methods, etc.

In addition, we implement product use tests with products that use the safety-checked materials.

UniCharm does not conduct experiments involving animals for its safety checks, including outsourced testing, nor will we in the future.

*Not applicable in any cases where UC is held accountable toward society for safety issues or is met with demands from local administrations in certain countries.

Q2: My child bit the diaper and got a jelly-like substance on him/her.
Is my child OK?

In order to retain urine and blood, diapers and napkins contain high polymer absorbents. Before use, the high polymer absorbents, which have not absorbed fluids, are in powder form, and are mixed with pulp absorbers. There is no need for concern if ingested in small amounts. If ingested in large amounts there is a risk of choking. Please remove any material from inside the child’s mouth. If swallowed, have the child drink plenty of fluids and consult a doctor as soon as possible. High polymer absorbents in used diapers will absorb urine or other fluid, expand, and turn to a gelatinous substance. Even if the substance enters the esophagus or stomach, it will not absorb any fluids inside the body. It will exit the body through excretion, so there is no need to worry.

However, it contains urine or other fluids, so there is a possibility of hygienic problems. Please consult a doctor.

Q3: There are traces of white powder on the skin. Is this a problem?

In order to retain urine and blood, diapers and napkins contain high polymer absorbents. We have confirmed that it is safe even when these touch skin or membranes. Please wash it off with cold or warm water.

Q4: Are the products chlorine bleached?

A portion of materials used by our company are bleached during the material manufacturing process, but we have checked to ensure that bleaching is not conducted using chlorine gas.

Q5: Is there any risk of dioxin generation?

At UniCharm, we conduct content analysis and risk assessment for dioxin, which has an especially high toxicity among chlorine compounds for humans.

As a result, The amount of dioxin contained in our company’s products are far less than that contained in ordinary water or the atmosphere, and we have checked to ensure that there is no impact on human health.

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