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Welcome to Unicharm!

We’d really like to know about your experience with Unicharm, no matter how big or small. After all, it is your feedback which inspires us to make our products better!
You can contact us in writing at either of the following addresses, by phone, or via email!

Unicharm Australasia
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Mentone, Victoria, 3194
Toll Free: 1800 224 332

New Zealand
Unicharm Australasia
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Mentone, Victoria, 3194
Toll Free: 0800 444 320

General Enquiries: admin@unicharm.com.au
Sales Enquiries: sales@unicharm.com.au

Customer Service Centre

In our Consumer Service Centre it is always our target to understand the key consumer issue and ensure our actions are taken with speed and accuracy to maintain consumer satisfaction.

We will always follow strict and consistent processes in line with Global Unicharm standards to ensure the consumers voice is being represented to our continuous product and service improvements.

As part of our consumer service continual improvement, on the 29th of January 2016 we declared our commitment to ISO10002:2004 “Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for complaint handling in organisation”.

Along with our ongoing ISO 9001:2008 certification, since 2002, we ensure that all complaints and feedback are handled in a fair and consistent manner and we value all feedback from our consumers regarding the performance and expectations of our products.


For Healthcare (Adult Incontinence) customers

Please contact our Regional Sales Manager in your location.


Mark Pulford
National Sales Manager
Mark's extensive continence and market knowledge, gained over his 17 years in the industry has assisted in the efficient and rapid growth of the division. Prior to this position Mark was involved in general Healthcare and Pharmacy sales and managerial roles, which provided him with an excellent base in the Healthcare Industry.

Evelyn Makdessi
Regional Manager for NSW & Queensland
Evelyn is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Continence Nurse Consultant. With her passion and dedication to aged care, Evelyn completed a continence management course with the Australian College of Nursing.
For enquiry from NSW or QLD, please contact Evelyn at info.qldnsw@unicharm.com.au


For enquiry from VIC or TAS, please contact Mark Pulford at info.victas@unicharm.com.au

Paul Pivac
Regional Manager for SA & WA

Paul's extensive continence and market knowledge, gained over his 14 years in the industry has resulted in the efficient growth of the 2 states which he manages. Paul has been involved in the medical industry his entire working life at both distributor level as well as manufacturing level.
For enquiry from SA or WA, please contact Paul at info.sawa@unicharm.com.au


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