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Global Corporate Principles


Pledge to our customers

We pledge to earn the full support of customers by always doing everything we can.

 We will give top priority to customer satisfaction and continue to pursue the creation of new value for improving the comfort of our customers' lives through our corporate activities.

 To fulfill our customers' needs, we will continue to create new ideas and establish innovative technologies for achieving these ideas.

 We will continue to provide our customers with safe products and services that meet our own high standards.


Pledge to our shareholders

We pledge to distribute industry-leading returns to shareholders.

 We will strive to manage the company in a way that will maintain a level of growth corresponding to our shareholders' confidence, and that will enable us to distribute industry-leading returns to shareholders.

 We will strive to clarify our responsibilities and improve our management capabilities to manage the company in an appropriate manner.

 We will strive to manage the company in a reliable fashion by disclosing management information proactively.


Pledge to business partners

We pledge to achieve mutual growth by maintaining a fair and equitable relationship.

 We will aim to create new value together with our business partners by continually sharing our mission to improve consumers' lives with them and improving ourselves by learning from each other.

 We will aim for the sound growth of our business by remaining loyal to our business partners, recognizing them as good partners, and being recognized by them as a good partner.

 We will aim to realize efficient, effective transactions with our business partners by cooperating with them and eliminating waste.


Pledge to associates

We pledge to achieve the happiness of associates and their family members by filling each of them with confidence and pride.

 We will respect the autonomy of each associate and strive to develop a corporate culture that will provide opportunities for self-actualization in a fair manner, enabling each of them to have confidence and pride.

 We will never be satisfied with the status quo, but will aim to create a group of people who strive to improve their own capabilities and continue to take on challenges.

 We will aim to create a free, fulfilling group of people who respect each other's time and values at all times.

 We pledge to evaluate and reward the activities of our associates properly and fairly with kindness and decisiveness at all times.


Pledge to society

We pledge to contribute to the economic and emotional fulfillment of the entire population through our corporate activities.

 We pledge to protect the global environment by carrying out environmental measures based on our own high standards in every aspect of our corporate activities.

 We will strive to advance the proactive management of our company, which will enable us to contribute to the economic development of local communities and global society.

 We will value the spirit of compliance with laws above all else, and will maintain management activities with courage and resolve in order to do the right thing.


What we will do to achieve our pledge to our customers

Provision of safe products

We will always develop, produce, and market products from the viewpoint of our customers to create a better quality of life for everyone by offering only the finest products and services.

(1)In terms of the safety of our products, we will always pursue a high level of safety to provide products that our customers can use with a sense of security.
We will ensure the quality of our products based on Quality Management System Manual throughout the series of procedures including product development, facility development, purchase of materials, manufacturing, and marketing.
In each process, we will check quality in accordance with the Basic Rules on Quality Control to ensure that only compliant products are marketed.
(2)In all circumstances, we will comply with the voluntary standards of the industry and our company, not to mention the laws and regulations related to our business field. We will never engage in any acts that deviate from those standards.

Sincere responses to our customers

We will always respond sincerely and promptly to complaints and inquiries from our customers.

(1)We will aggregate comments from customers at our Customer Support Center and respond to the comments in a fair and equitable manner.
We will provide information concerning defects of products and services to our top management and implement improvements without delay.
(2)When corrections need to be made in response to comments from customers, the related departments will cooperate to make the corrections promptly and prevent recurrences.
(3)We will strive to reflect our customers' valuable opinions in our future products and services.
To ensure customer satisfaction, we will take customers' comments seriously and strive to improve ourselves through cooperation between the departments.

Provision of correct information to customers

To achieve accountability to our customers in a reliable fashion, we will continually improve our transparency and provide the appropriate information in a proper manner.

(1)We will not provide any information that is not based on facts or that is misleading.
(2)We will never use any terms that may result in the defamation or social discrimination of other companies or individuals.
(3)In the labeling and wording of our advertising, we will strive to use expressions that are not misleading, but that are understandable and comply with the laws and regulations and voluntary standards of the industry and our company.

Comprehensive protection of customer information

We will manage the personal information provided by our customers responsibly to prevent its leakage and misuse.

(1)We will clarify our objectives in collecting personal information and use it within the scope of the objectives approved by each individual.
(2)We will not obtain and use personal information by fraudulent means under any circumstances.
(3)We will handle and strictly manage personal information in accordance with our rules on the protection of personal information.


What we will do to achieve our pledge to our shareholders

Distribution of returns through efforts to improve profitability

We will respond to the expectations of our shareholders by sharing wisdom and acting together to improve profitability.

Disclosure of management information

We will disclose our management information -- including our financial status, business activities, and future policies and strategies -- to our shareholders and investors in an appropriate manner. We will sincerely accept their opinions concerning the information and strive to improve our management accordingly.

Prohibition of insider trading

Where we have obtained internal information of the Unicharm Group or our business partners through our business operations, we will never buy or sell shares or corporate bonds of the companies until the information is officially announced to the public. We will never engage in such an act because it is impermissible, whether or not it is conducted via other person(s) and even where no personal profit is made.


What we will do to achieve our pledge to business partners

Fair trade with suppliers

We will select suppliers in a fair, equitable manner that will be deemed appropriate by everyone.

(1)We will trade with suppliers with good business sense and sincerity. We will never force them to accept unfair purchase prices by taking advantage of our superior position.
(2)We will never force our suppliers to purchase our products or make any other unreasonable requests to them by taking advantage of our superior position.
(3)We will never return supplied products unfairly by changing quality standards unilaterally in order to judge the products to be defective, or engage in any other unfair acts.
(4)We will not accept excessive business entertainment or gifts from suppliers. If it does happen, we will advise our superiors to that effect.
(5)We will use the intellectual property rights of our business partners only after concluding proper agreements with them. We will never misuse these rights.

Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act

We will conduct fair and equitable trades by complying with the Antimonopoly Act and the related laws under all circumstances.

(1)We will never try to maintain specific resale prices by constraining sale prices to business partners.
(2)We will never offer unfair rebates that will restrain the business activities of wholesalers and retailers.
(3)We will never restrict sales by wholesalers and retailers.
(4)We will never make arrangements with our competitors concerning sale prices, trading partners, sales territories, and types of products, or hold discussions with them that will lead to such arrangements (cartels).

Prevention of unfair competition

We will maintain relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with our business partners, under which we will make efforts for the growth of both and respond faithfully to them at all times.

(1)We will never obtain or use the trade secrets of other companies by fraudulent means.
(2)As a matter of course, we will not use expressions that will defame our competitors or disseminate false information. We will not use misleading expressions.
(3)We will entertain and send gifts to our business partners within the range of acceptable good business sense within society.
We will never entertain or send gifts to civil servants or their equivalents.
We will never make "facilitating payments" which are bribes to facilitate routine governmental action.


What we will do to achieve our pledge to associates

Respect for Human Rights

We will never discriminate against people based on race, religion, gender, family background, physical disability, or other factors.

We will not tolerate child labor and forced labor.
We will strive to ensure the welfare of our associates and their families by employing and evaluating them fairly and equitably, respecting the human rights and individuality of each, and creating work environments that allow them to make use of their abilities.

Prohibition of sexual harassment

We will never engage in acts of sexual harassment or acts that may be misunderstood by others as sexual harassment. We will never say or do anything that makes others feel uncomfortable, and will prevent others from doing so.

Prohibition of power harassment

We will never engage in acts that damage the personality and violate the dignity of associates continuously, impair their working environment, or cause them employment anxiety beyond the range of proper business operations by taking advantage of any power such as official authority.

Protection of associates' personal information

We will use the personal information of our associates that we have obtained through business operations for business purposes only, and will manage it strictly to prevent its leakage and subsequent losses for associates.

When we obtain information about associates, we will take the utmost care to protect their privacy.

Comprehensive safety and health management in the workplace

We will undertake comprehensive safety and health management in the workplace to prevent labor accidents and ensure that our associates may work safely with a sense of security.

(1)We will give top priority to the safety of workers under all circumstances, and will improve our workplace environments under the leadership of our safety and health managers.
(2)Our managers will pay constant attention to the physical and mental health of their subordinates, and will respond promptly to any abnormalities.
(3)We will never force our employees to work excessively hard or work excessive overtime, or otherwise coerce them to work.

Prohibition of political and religious activities in the workplace

We are free to engage in political or religious activities. However, none of us will engage in such activities during working hours or by using the furniture and fixtures, equipment, or facilities of the company.

Prohibition of actions contrary to the company's interests

We will never engage in businesses that compete with those of the company, or work for the company's competitors. We will not work as employees, executive officers, or consultants for any other companies without the permission of the company, even if those companies are not in competition with the company.
We will use the company's assets solely for the interests of the company, and never for private purposes.

Management of confidential business information

We will understand the importance of all confidential information we obtain through our business activities and manage such information properly. We will never provide confidential business information to third parties or use it for non-business purposes. We will manage such information in accordance with our rules on information security to prevent its leakage. We will never discuss confidential business information or read associated materials in trains or any other quasi-public places, because such actions may result in the leakage of the information.

Proper accounting processing

We will enter accurate information in the accounting book and on records in accordance with the relevant laws and ordinances and company regulations. We will never enter false or fictitious information or build off-book assets.

Protection of intellectual property rights

Our intellectual property rights are major company assets, so we will strive to protect these rights through patent applications and other means.

(1)When we produce inventions such as patents and utility models or create designs as a result of our research and development efforts, we will immediately advise the company to that effect and strive to protect the inventions or creations.
(2)In conducting research and development, we will respect the intellectual property of others, including their patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks. We will use the intellectual property rights of our business partners only after concluding appropriate agreements with them, and will not misuse the rights.


What we will do to achieve our pledge to society

Compliance with laws and ordinances, voluntary standards of the industry, and company regulations

We will comply not only with laws and ordinances, but also with the voluntary standards of the industry and our company, company regulations, and internal rules. To ensure this, we will confirm the laws and ordinances related to our business activities on a case-by-case basis.
At all times, we will act faithfully in accordance with the Unicharm Ideals, Five Great Pillars and Associate Principles of Action, Beliefs and Pledges and Corporate Principles of Action, and these Corporate Principles.

Respect for local cultures and customs

When we reside overseas or visit other countries in the course of our global business activities, we will act in accordance with international rules by respecting local cultures and customs, not to mention complying with the laws and ordinances of each country. We will strive to develop favorable relationships with local communities and to win their trust.

Environmental activities

We will aim to ensure the comfortable lives of everyone in the world, along with protecting the global environment, and will make continuous contributions toward the achievement of an eco-friendly, recycling-oriented society.
In our business activities, we will ensure that we reduce the environmental burden based on Environmental Management System Manual.

Prohibition of illegal donations and illegal political contributions

We will make political contributions or donations to organizations in accordance with the relevant laws, such as the Public Offices Election Act and the Political Funds Control Act, and only after receiving prior permission in accordance with our company regulations.

Response to anti-social forces

We will never have any type of relationship with or respond to demands from anti-social forces, including corporate extortionists, gang groups, or companies managed or controlled by gang groups.
We will respond to such groups with a resolute attitude with the cooperation of the local authorities.

Promotion of social contributions

We will fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen through our social contribution activities, such as volunteer activities, cooperation with local events, and cooperation with school education.


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