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Healthcare (Adult Incontinence) Business


Healthcare (Adult Incontinence) Business

Unicharm Australasia offers premium Adult Incontinence products and services to Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, and Community Care in Australia.

The Vlesi product range is imported from Germany and Italy, and has been our trusted partner since 1996. The Lifree range is Unicharm's global brand which is aimed at offering "the freedom of life" for those requiring incontinence care by assisting them to maintain comfort and dignity in their everyday lives without compromise.

Our Healthcare team consists of 20 staff members, the majority of whom have nursing qualifications including Continence Nurse Advisors. They are all well trained and respected in the aged care and continence management field.



Added Values for everybody involved in continence care.

We will support you to realise four values to further improve quality of care while reducing a total cost.


Three Basic Care Concepts

Three concepts are the key to improve quality of care, ensuring dignity and comfort for residents


  1. Toileting – Promotion of Continence
    Standard 2:12: Residents’ Continence is managed effectively
    Unicharm Continence management is consistent with contemporary practice and consideration of residents individual needs and ability. We offer assistance with correct product allocation according to assessments and education to promote toileting as per the Nursing Care Plan.

  2. Promote Good night sleep
    A Good nights sleep is essential in order to improve residents’ daily activities. Long term lack of sleep exposes the immune system to illness, mental impact on emotions, stress, motivation, concentration and memory (thinking) as well as risk of high  blood pressure, accidents/ falls and poor interaction with other people. Having a wealth of expertise and experience in the industry, we are able to propose various solutions catered to your individual needs.

  3. Skin Care
    We value skin integrity as a significant factor for residents’ comfort. Regular toileting is a key to maintain good skin integrity. Other factors include peri toileting and correct pad application as per assessments and evaluations. We will assist you to improve the overall skin integrity for individual residents.

Cost Management Support

By effectively managing direct and indirect cost, our Territory Managers will help you to reduce your facility’s total costs.

  • For community care customers our products are available from selected distributors throughout Australia.
  • Please contact our Regional Sales Manager in your location for further information.

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